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Kingsland Transport Stable Rug Wool Evolution

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The Wool Evolution rugs are technical wear for your horse. A special constructed 3-layer, technical wool-mix fabric ensures high performance and heat regulation. Our long-term sponsored riders insured us that these are MUST HAVE products in a rug collection. These are extremely durable products and our riders still use them every day, -after 10 years! This range of rugs deserves focus and attention!

Why wool, you might think? Wool is not only for horses living in colder climates. Wool has extraordinary benefits like temperature control, anti-static and moisture management. The combination of the 3-layer fabric is unique and developed in close cooperation of our fabric supplier. Wool is insulating and helps the horse gain perfect temperature when being active or during transport. The fabric will never feel cold to the fur and transport any moisture away from the body. All our wool rugs are machine washable on 30?c.

Wool Evolution Transport/ Stable rug, (KLC-HGR-781) is as the naming implies, a smart multi-purpose rug. Perfect for transport, after washing, in the stable, under an insulated stable rug on cold days or as a liner under the turnout rug. The 3-layered thermo fabric with wicking functions is quick dry and acts with temperature control. The lining is anti-static whilst the surface has anti-slip qualities. The elastic tail string is adjustable, two cross-over surcingles and two front buckles helps the rug stay in place during activity.

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